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New Ticket Purchasing System For School Buses

While the Corona Virus (Covid-19) has caused many problems in the travel industry, we at Keane Travel Ltd have been working hard behind the scenes to create a safer way to travel on our buses.

Contactless E-Tickets/Boarding Passes

With the help of our partners ShuttleID, we have now developed a new way to purchase bus tickets for all our public routes into St Clere’s Academy, Hassenbrook Academy and Gable Hall School. No longer will your child need to keep germ carrying plastic bus passes. No longer will your child need to touch any bus pass on to a scanner. Our new technology has vastly improved bus ticket purchases and bus travel.

Parent benefits

  • Safety first – No physical cash to touch and tickets are scanned up to a foot away from the device, helping distance your child and our staff.
  • Effortless payments – Payments that manage themselves without the stress of having to find the right change every week.
  • Convenient ticket purchasing – No longer restricted to just office hours, you can now buy your tickets 24/7.
  • Simple renewals – Once set up, renewing your ticket is as easy as a single button press.
  • Never lose your ticket – With 24/7 access to your ticket in the new Passenger Portal, you’ll always be able to access your ticket on your phone or printed out, putting a stop to replacement ticket fee’s.
  • Improved communication – Be the first to know when a bus is running late with our SMS based service alerts.
  • Safeguarding – Rest assured that we know if your child has boarded our bus and when. Our new system records the time that your child scans the ticket when boarding (information only accessible by authorised personnel)
  • A fairer system – Technology helps ensure every passenger is a valid paying customer which ensures everyone gets a fair price

Latest News

02/08/2022 Annual Bus Tickets for 2022/2023 academic year now available

Annual bus tickets have been released and can now be accessed here: Choose your prefered route. Route 7 (Chadwell – St Clere’s) Route 7a (Grays/Tilbury/Chadwell – St Clere’s) Route 7b (Grays/Tilbury/Chadwell – Hassenbrook). Route 7c (Grays/Tilbury/Chadwell – Gable Hall) Route 10 (Chafford Hundred – William Edwards School) then click ‘Buy Ticket’

07/06/2022 Bus ticket renewals

Existing customers will receive an invitation to renew your tickets for the new academic year 2022/2023 at the end of this term. Please check your inbox on Friday 22nd July 2022 for our email with your invitation.

21/04/2021 Join our 21/22 waiting list

In advance of the new academic year starting September 2021, you can now register your child on our waiting list. This will give you a better chance of securing a seat for the new academic year. Whichever school transport you require, St Clere’s, Hassenbrook, Gable Hall or William Edwards School. Just click waiting list above and complete your details, it takes less than 5 minutes.

30/10/20 Bus Sanitisation Regime

All up to date information about our school bus service, such as weather or traffic delays will be posted here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please click the links below.

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