Route 7a service

Stifford Clays, Grays, Tilbury, Chadwell St Mary & Orsett (Southfields) St Clere’s Academy

St Clere’s Academy, Orsett (Southfields) Chadwell St Mary, Tilbury, Grays & Stifford Clays

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Route 7a map

Towards St Clere’s Academy

From Crawford Ave S/Clays, left Crammavill St, right Stifford Clays Rd, right Kingsman Drive, left Prince Philip Ave, right Whitmore Ave, left Fairway, left Long Lane, right Blackshots Lane, right Lodge Lane, left Hathaway Rd, right Orsett Rd, left Stanley Rd, left Clarence Rd, right Bridge Rd, left East Thurrock Rd, left Dock Rd, left Marshfoot Rd, right A1089, left Dock Rd Tilbury, left Calcutta Rd, left Civic Square, left Brennan Rd, left Feenan Highway, right St Chads Rd right Chadwell Hill, straight into Brentwood Rd, Orsett Cock Roundabout, 4th exit Stanford Road, right London Road, right Butts Lane, left St Clere’s Academy bus lanes

Towards Stifford Clays

From St Clere’s Academy, right Butts Lane, left London Rd, left Stanford Rd, left Brentwood Rd, straight into Chadwell Hill, left St Chads Rd, left Feenan Highway, right Brennan Rd, left Civic Square, left Calcutta Rd, right Dock Rd Tilbury, right A1089, left Dock Rd Grays, left East Thurrock Rd right Bridge Rd, left Clarence Rd, right Stanley Rd, left Hathaway Rd, right Lodge Lane, left Blackshots Lane, left Long Lane, right Fairway, right Whitmore Ave, left Prince Philip Ave, right Kingsman Drive, left Stifford Clays Rd, left Crammavill St, right Crawford Ave


Crawford Avenue, Stifford Clays 07:10
Crammavill St/Grantham Way 07:11
Kingsman Drive 07:13
Fairway 07:15
Long Lane Thurrock Hospital 07:17
Blackshots Lane Library 07:19
The Oak Lodge Lane 07:23
Hathaway Rd (2 stops) 07:25 & 07:28
Stanley Rd 07:30
East Thurrock Road 07:32
Whitehall Ln/Dock Rd 07:33
Dock Road/Tyrrells Hall 07:35
Tilbury Train Station 07:40
Calcutta Road 07:41
Civic Square 07:42
Feenan Highway (4 stops) 07:43 – 07:46
Brentwood Rd/Rigby Gdns 07:50
Brentwood Rd/Defoe Pde 07:53
Stanford Rd Orsett (Southfields) 08:00
St Clere’s Academy 08:10
St Clere’s Academy 15:10
Stanford Rd Orsett (Southfields) 15:15
Brentwood Rd/Defoe Parade 15:23
Brentwood Rd/Rigby Gdns 15:25
Feenan Highway (4 stops) 15:29 – 15:32
Civic Square 15:33
Calcutta Road 15:35
Tilbury Train Station 15:36
Dock Rd/Tyrrells Hall 15:43
Broadway 15:44
East Thurrock Road 15:45
Stanley Road 15:47
Hathaway Road (2 stops) 15:50 & 15:52
The Oak Lodge Lane 15:55
Blackshots Lane Library 15:57
Long Lane Thurrock Hospital 15:59
Fairway 16:01
Kingsman Drive 16:03
Crammavill St/Grantham Way 16:05
Crawford Avenue 16:06