Kevin Mortlock

2nd August 2022

02/08/2022 Annual Bus Tickets for 2022/2023 academic year now available

Annual bus tickets have been released and can now be accessed here: Choose your prefered route. Route 7 (Chadwell - St Clere's) Route 7a (Grays/Tilbury/Chadwell - St Clere's) Route 7b (Grays/Tilbury/Chadwell - Hassenbrook). Route 7c (Grays/Tilbury/Chadwell - Gable Hall) Route 10 (Chafford Hundred - William Edwards School) then click 'Buy Ticket'

7th June 2022

07/06/2022 Bus ticket renewals

Existing customers will receive an invitation to renew your tickets for the new academic year 2022/2023 at the end of this term. Please check your inbox on Friday 22nd July 2022 for our email with your invitation.

7th November 2018

Traffic Delays

7A, 7B & 7C buses have been experiencing some delays in the mornings since the return to school this week. Roadworks in Grays, delays at the Orsett Cock roundabout and increased traffic due to weather has meant we are arriving at school 5 minutes later than usual, but still in time for registration etc. We will be monitoring the situation and will keep you all posted.
24th September 2018

Update for all Chadwell St Mary passengers – 7A to St Clere’s Academy.

Due to the increase in cars parked in Rigby Gardens in the morning, we have decided that we are now unable to park our bus early for students to sit on board waiting for the set off time. From now on the bus will pick up at the scheduled time 07:55 at the bus stop on Brentwood Road.  This is unfortunate but we have no choice, turning around and parking in Rigby Gardens has become very difficult.